The photographic arts offer a great deal of latitude when it comes to exploring the depths and diversity of our world.  From the conceptual to the concrete, the physical to the emotional, photography is a gateway to discovering who you are, where you are, what you are, why you are and how you are.

The process of making photographs is an artistic endeavor involving an artist, a medium and a vision.  The culmination of the photographic artistic process is the print.  The print creates the basis for dialogue between the artist and the viewer.

I choose to work primarily with film and wet plate photographic processes.  I strive for compelling compositions which usher forth the essence of the subject matter.


Printing is a particular passion and I work across many processes ranging from contact printing straight from glass  to Lith and silver printing.


I accept a limited number of freelance opportunities preferring those which combine photography with my written text.


At this point in time I sell prints only through select private engagements.  I do not license the use of my photography outside of photo-journalistic endeavors.



Photographer & Artist

Tools of the Trade